Sunday, November 16, 2014

In the Beginning

Our gardens were created over 15 years by designing and planting small areas with old roses and perennials. The 10 acres we garden on were  previously used as citrus groves many years ago. My first venture into gardening was on the weekends with grafted hybrid teas obtained from local nurseries and garden centers.   I soon found myself cutting, spraying and pruning on the weekends rather than enjoying the garden.  I began to research information on roses and came across the history of old garden roses.  They were named after kings, queens, generals, the wives and daughters of hybridizers and other important historical figures.  They were  found growing on their own in cemeteries, old homesteads and on roadsides.  I soon realized that if I was going to create gardens, they should be filled with Old Garden Roses. Thus began the venture for the collection and creation of gardens that were adorned with the old rose.
Empress Josephine had the first rose collection known in history in Malmaison, France in 1852.  The gardens are dedicated to Empress Josephine's collection and work.  The gardens are called "Lil Malmaison Gardens".Empress Josephine's Life

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