Chinas are some of the easiest to grow in the area. Louis Philippe and Cramoisi Superieur, Old Blush and Napoleon are by far the most easy care.  Once planted you will spend most of your time enjoying their blooms and charm.  
A shrub of Louis Philippe was moved from the front of the house to the side of the house. The hole it was planted with amended soil, fertilized and watered initially. I got busy tending to other areas on the property and neglected it. Ten years later it is still there blooming and growing. The weeds have grown through but it continues to survive.
Louis Philippe

Pink Pet -1928   A low growing shrub with light pink clustered blooms .
St. David is a small shrub with bright red
 blooms.  Named after the monks that took care or many roses in their monasteries.
Mutabilis -pre 1894  Scarlet, pink and yellow butterflies

Napoleon-1835   This got it's name from Napoleon Bonaparte of France, military leader and Emperor. The china rose Old Blush is very similar to Napoleon.  

Ducher is a 3 x4 shrub with small white blossoms.

The Green Rose- 1743  In the 1850's it was used in the English gardens. The history of this rose may be lost in time.  It may be a mutation of Old Blush. 

Cramoisi Superieur-1832    This rose grown into a large shrub very much like Louis Philippe.

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