The Noisettes and Tea Noisettes

Noisettes are easy care carefree roses for Florida.  Historical Info on Noisettes

This rose has small blooms and good bloomer.

Lingo Musk

Natchitoches Noisette-Found Rose

Lamarque-1830 Grown by Monsieur Marechàlfrom seeds sown in his window in Angers France.

La Biche-1832    The blooms on La Biche are a soft delicate white with a hint of blush pink.

Moulton Noisette-Found  Easy to grow and very fragrant with a musk scent.

Blush Noisette
Seeds from Champneys Pink Cluster grown in SC were sent to Louis Phillippe in France.  In 1818  these seeds were
used to create Blush Noisette along with many other lines of roses.
The famous painter Redouté  Blush Noisette in 1831.  This is a great rose in the garden.  

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