Perennials and Shrubs

The Florida Wildlife Foundation has very useful website for selecting and planting wildflowers:   Links:

Pea Vine -  It will produce seed pods that make it easy to start new plants.      Butterflies

Milkweed      -     Butterflies

Bleeding Heart Vine

Petunias                                                       Butterflies

                                 African Blue Basil                    Bees and Butterflies

Chrysanthemum                             Butterflies

Fennel                                                Butterflies

The Flame Vine- Blooms in the winter and what a show!

Tropical Daylilies

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Herbs add to the garden with their scents and colors..

Lemon Basil-such a heavenly scent

Weeping Hibiscus-   Hummingbirds

Plumbago                                        Butterflies

Lavender Hyssop                                   Bees

    Crocosmia Iris                                   Hummingbirds

Walking Iris




Blackberry Lily                    Birds

Guara -White and Pink              Butterflies, Bees

Marigold                                                               Butterflies

Sunflower                                          Birds 

Gallardia                                       Butterflies and  Bees

Pansies                       Butterflies

Crinum Liliy

Phlox-I plant this is a decorative pot and you will find it will seed in the area around it.

Zinnias add color and attract butterflies.  I let the flower head dry on the plant.  As I weed and work in the garden I break open the seed head and begin another crop!  


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Butterfly Bush -                                    Butterflies

Pot Carnations    - Good for a border.

French Lavender

Salvia with Society Garlic

Thai Hybrids-Crown of Thorns

euphorbia milii  

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