Hansa                 More Info

The rugosa are also known as the beach roses. Native to Asia, Japan, China and Siberia they sucker along beaches with their ability o withstand salt spray and sandy soil.  Many of their blooms are fragrant and offer the old rose charm.

R. Alba   

R. Magnifica is very fragrant and full of blooms More Info

In the winter we will sometimes get a little frost.  It never lasts very long.

Sarah Van Fleet is named after the daughter of the hybridizer Dr.W. Van Fleet.      More Info

I originally planted the rugosa roses because of their interesting hips. Many mornings I have found birds underneath the rugosa nibbling on the hips.  The hips of roses have been used to make teas, jams, and used for medicinal purposes.


Tomato Rose  The hips are the size of small tomatoes.  


Fall leaves add color to a winter garden.

Sir Thomas Lipton is a tall rugosa and a very reliable bloomer.  More Info

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