Tea Roses are roses that were produced prior to 
1867.  They are called tea roses because it is said they acquired a tea scent from being shipped in tea crates in the 1800's from Europe to America. They a repeat bloomers and ease care.

Mrs. Dudley Cross's bloom has a light lemon yellow with light pink coloring on the edges.I enjoy watching the bloom through the stages of opening.

Mrs. Dudley Cross-1907     I read a newspaper article from 1916 about Fellsmere, the small city we live in.

A woman talked about a rose in her yard...it was Mrs. Dudley Cross!

Baronne Henriette de Snoy -France 1897  More Info

Atoine Revoire -before 1890   More Info

Perle des Jardins  -1874           More Info

Mme de Tartas-1859      Very easy to grow and a good bloomer. More Info

Smith's Parish's bloom will have a small pink coloring around the edge.

Smith's Parish- Bermuda Rose-Found - There is a white and a red version.  Very easy to grow and will grow into a 5x5 ft shrub.

                                                                                                       More Info

Mons. Tillier-This rose can grow to be over 6 feet tall without pruning. More Info

Souv. d'un Ami-1846    More Info    More Info

Marie Van Houtte  -Ducher, 1871  More Info

Mme. Antoine Mari-1901   A very delicate rose with arching habit.

Mme. Joseph Schwartz-1880's             More Info

Monsieur Tillier  1891                 More Info

 More Info

Smith's Parish-Found rose.  A very large shrub with small white flower.  This is a continuous bloomer.

More Info

 Lady Hillingdon- 1910                    More Info

Mme Berkeley-Very delicate blooms                   More Info

Bud of Mrs. Dudley Cross

Souv. d'Elise Vardon  -1855

Duchess de Brabant was planted in the White House garden and was a favorite of Pres. Roosevelt.

Mrs. Dudley Cross-          1907  I read an article dated 1916 about Fellsmere where we live.  In talked about a woman growing Mrs. Dudley Cross in her yard.    More Info

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