Monday, May 19, 2014

Weed, Weed, Weed!

One of the chores of gardening involves weeding.  Become familiar with the weeds in your area.  Allowing weeds that are invasive to multiply will cost you many hours of future weeding!  August rains and humidity help the weeds multiply quickly .  I put a layer of dry oak leaves topped with pine bark after completing a section.  It will help prevent weeds and provide nutrients to the soil.
One of the tricks I use for some invasive weeds is a little roundup and a small paint brush.  When encountering a weed that is invasive I paint a little roundup on it.
Dollar weed, Crabgrass, Nutsedge.  Did you know that one plant can produce 6,000 tubors?  That's way too many plants to have to weed!
Weeds of Florida/US Dept. of Agriculture
Weed Identification  This pdf illustrates weeds of South Florida but most will appear in Central Florida's gardens also.
Natural sprays to help control weeds:Homemade Remedies for the Garden

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